Thursday, June 30, 2011

Renovation of the Old Wing has begun

        The electricians finished their work in the new wing, and six of the eight bookcases have been completed and filled with books.  Bookcase #8 needs to be aligned and tied to the floor, whereas the components for  #7 await assembly.  Old bookcases that were once along the walls in the old stack room have been reassembled along walls in the new.
        All the books have been removed from the old stack room and installed in the new bookcases.  Once books, computers, bookcases, furniture, stove, and refrigerator were moved out of the old wing, its renovation began.  We removed the carpet from the old stack room and computer room in preparation for saw-cutting the old floor for plumbing and electrical conduits.  Today Carlos removed doors and started cutting into the walls to expose old pipes and make way for new ones.
        Outdoors, the drain lines, sleeves for electrical conduits, and irrigation lines have been installed, so the next step - installation of pavers in the walkways - will begin next week after the 4th of July.  We'll hold off on paving the patio until the most of the construction traffic has diminished through that area.

The old stack room has been cleared so that its renovation to a multipurpose room can begin.  The view is from the bathroom toward the old periodical room.

Demolition of the wall between the old computer room and the kitchen.  View is toward the old main entrance.
The Fireplace Room serves as a temporary office.  It will revert to a small meeting and research room once renovated.
The last of the eight bookcases is almost assembled and soon will receive its complement of books.

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