Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Continuing Indoor and Outdoor Progress

The electricians were called to an emergency job elsewhere today, so completion of light fixture installation will be delayed until next week.  The painters returned today, and landscape contractor Thierry Fray and his crew came for a final conference with landscape architect Cheryl Jensen, and contractor Tony Suhrer before digging trenches for drains and electrical conduits next week.  The bookcase crew is shooting to begin assembly next week, too.
Perhaps the biggest news today is that the cherry tree has about a dozen big, ripe cherries on it!

This painter is priming the walls in preparation for painting tomorrow.

The electricians have some more work to do with these overhead fixtures in the stack room.

Cheryl Jensen, Tony Suhrer, and Thierry Fray consult over landscaping plans.

Cheryl, Thierry, and his crew get into details pertaining to location of drain lines, downspouts, electrical conduits, and sidewalks.

And here is the bookcase crew sawing, sanding, staining, and varnishing - as usual.

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