Monday, November 29, 2010

Now the Progress is Vertical!

During this week after Thanksgiving, the Contractor says we can expect to see major progress on the Sahyun Library addition, but first, see the images below for what has been done already.  The framing for the walls is almost completed!  Up we go!  
The remainder of the Solarium walls will be demolished together with the rest of the roof also over the Solarium and librarians' room.

Here is our new floor slab with a growing pile of lumber on Nov. 23, BEFORE Thanksgiving.

And here is a ground view of the green concrete slab on the same day.

And now AFTER Thanksgiving, Nov 29, we have walls!

This is the ground view from the same point of view as the second one above..  Note the 2"x6" studs!

What you see in this view, and then some, represents just one day's work on the Friday after Thanksgiving.  "No big deal for an experienced framer" said Bruce, our experienced framer.

And here is Bruce, a worker in perpetual motion, making a short board out of a long board.  Just don't get in his way!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Now We Have a Slab Floor!

The first cement truck arrived at 7:30 am sharp and started pumping "mud" to the old solarium area.

This crew has worked together for years and really knows what it's doing.

By 8:30 am the slab was half poured.

The crew also poured a footing in the old librarians' room, a footing for a wall at the street near the bus stop, and a footing for the air conditioning unit.

Almost done by 10 am.

Then the sun came out on the completed slab!  Next step?  Start raising walls!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Ready for the Next Pour

The plastic membrane has been lain, the sand has filled in the squares, and the reinforcing steel has been plunked and tied.

Now we are set to pour the floor on Thursday, November 18.  This will be the biggest and most comprehensive activity of the entire construction.  For that reason, the library will be closed for the day, because many cement mixers will be going in and out of our gate and turning in our parking lot.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Got Concrete?

This was a banner day for the construction of the extension to the Sahyun Library - the pouring of concrete for the building's foundation.   Eight big cement mixers pulled into our library parking lot, one after another, delivered their loads into a pumper, which pumped the mix through a hose to the site of application.  A crew of eight guided the hose, smoothed out the cement in and around the forms, adjusted foundation bolts, and removed form supports.  It was an impressive operation.
Here the entire crew is at work.

This is hard work and must be done carefully.

You would not have been able to drive into the parking lot on this day.

Click on this one to see Concrete Pour at Sahyun Library