Monday, November 29, 2010

Now the Progress is Vertical!

During this week after Thanksgiving, the Contractor says we can expect to see major progress on the Sahyun Library addition, but first, see the images below for what has been done already.  The framing for the walls is almost completed!  Up we go!  
The remainder of the Solarium walls will be demolished together with the rest of the roof also over the Solarium and librarians' room.

Here is our new floor slab with a growing pile of lumber on Nov. 23, BEFORE Thanksgiving.

And here is a ground view of the green concrete slab on the same day.

And now AFTER Thanksgiving, Nov 29, we have walls!

This is the ground view from the same point of view as the second one above..  Note the 2"x6" studs!

What you see in this view, and then some, represents just one day's work on the Friday after Thanksgiving.  "No big deal for an experienced framer" said Bruce, our experienced framer.

And here is Bruce, a worker in perpetual motion, making a short board out of a long board.  Just don't get in his way!

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  1. Wow!!! That is amazing progress. It is so fun to see this go up! Thanks Art for all your really terrific pictures! I hope to get down to the Library this week to (carefully!!!) take a look around. Kathie M