Friday, July 22, 2011

Books, Moldings, Sewer Line, and Trees

The book case project has reached the point where the focus is on finishing details, including affixing the crown molding, adjusting shelf heights, and completing the book case that is against the wall below the windows.  The entryway desk and book sales cabinet have been varnished and look real fine.  Books are being shifted from their temporary emplacements to where they will probably reside permanently.  And the computer counter is close to being finished.  Renovation of the old wing has been stalled a little by the search for the sewer line, which turned out not to be where the plans said it should have been, but the electrical work has gone into high gear again.  

Sue and Alex Heuchert reposition books in the new book cases.
Louise Matz, Bob Lynn, John Fritsche, and Bob McMillin rig up a chop saw and jig to cut crown molding to exactly the right angles.

What's this?!?  The "lost" sewer line beneath the floor of the old entryway!  It was necessary to call in a plumber with a TV camera to find its route - the view on the monitor was about like watching a colonoscopy.  The "colonoscopy" also revealed that the pipe is still in good shape.
And finally this week, we arrived to find one of the stone pines had fallen in the night across the fence and onto the railroad property.  Two hours later the railroad people had removed all that part of the tree on their side of the fence.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tear Up Old Wing, Build Up Cabinetry

Someone asked me the other day, "Isn't the bathroom still available for use?"  Not according to a picture below.  Some of the other pictures show the demolition now occurring in the old wing.  And while that work is making a mess, the cabinetry work is proceeding in the new wing, and masons are plunking paving stones for a walkway in the garden.  We're beginning to think CARPET soon!

Our youthful mason begins to assemble a pattern of paving stones that will continue into the garden.

It looks pretty rough now, but wait a few days.  It is going to be beautiful.

Louise Matz applies the first of several coats of  Varathane to the top of the refinished map case.

This is the new entryway desk.  Its staining and finishing will start tomorrow.

Jim Friestad inspects construction of the computer counter top before it is stained and finished.

We also took delivery of the new book sales cabinet.  It will receive a red oak stain and several coats of varathane before it is placed in the entryway.

Recognize the old stack room?  Not only has it been stripped of anything and everything ever in it, but the concrete floor is cut to to inlay electrical conduits.

You asked about the bathroom?  Notice also the ancient pipes we uncovered when the floor was cut for new sub-floor plumbing.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Renovation Progress

Some serious demolition of the old wing where doors and walls have to be removed to make way for wider doors, plumbing, and electrical conduits.  This view from the back corner of the kitchen through a corner of the computer room into the old entry way.

Cutting the concrete floor in the old stack room for electrical conduits that will feed power and data cables to tables in the multipurpose room.

This man and machine dig a trench for a drain from a downspout from the roof.

The base for one of the walkways is being laid in the garden.

And for you ladies, your own facility even with a sink and hand towels.