Thursday, October 28, 2010

Almost Ready for First Concrete Pour

This is the  foundation pattern required by the structural engineer  for the new addition.  The purpose of such an extensive foundation is to resist liquefaction that may occur in the event of a large earthquake.
The electrician has added a plethora of conduits for eventual power outlets inside the building for our computers.
The foundation will be poured, more steel is added to squares between the forms, then a second pour will take place.  The inspector is due on Monday to be sure everything is OK before the first pour.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Last One To Leave, Please Turn Out The Lights

Jim Friestad with the last class in the Fireside Room, 24 Oct. 2010
An hour later, all is clear for reconstruction.
And this is what the Fireside Room will look like in a week or so.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Time to Build Foundation Forms

The next construction step is to build forms in which reinforcing steel will be placed, followed by pouring of concrete.  All of this will require 3-4 weeks to complete.  Please pray it does not rain in that time period.

Four men build the forms.  One cuts lumber to size, two install the cut pieces, and the foreman, who is kneeling over the plans in the center of the picture.  He oversees, helps, and makes sure everything is done "perfectly".  This is exacting work and must be done perfectly, because upon the foundation will rest the entire building. 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Trenches for the Foundation

Once the ground was thoroughly compacted, chalk lines were drawn for the positions of foundation and utility trenches, and the backhoe went to work!

The position and extent of the trenches indicate the footprint of the extension to the existing wing of the Sahyun Library.

That's Mike, the foundation foreman, studying the plans to determine if the trenches are the correct depth before he and his crew begin to build forms.

And while Mike was planning the next stage for the extension, John DuBois and Jim Friestad were busy indoors removing bookcases and display cabinets in the librarians' room, which is scheduled to be demolished on or about October 18.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Art & Jim Building the "Memorial Parkway" October 1, 2010

Here Backhoe Bob is tamping down the soil.  Hopefully he is done because the noise was horrific!

Bob even gave Art & Jim shirts so they could advertise for him. Bob is doing such a great job.
Backhoe Bob is moving soil around in this photo.
This sheet of plywood will become part of the boardwalk Jim and Art will build to navigate through the mud between the old wing and the storage sheds.
What is this, guys,  a coffee break?

The completed sections of the boardwalk.   Try pushing a cart through that mud without the having a Memorial Parkway!

The Backhoe Has Finally Arrived

We always said the beginning of construction of the extension to the Sahyun Library would be marked by the day when we saw the first backhoe out there digging dirt.  Now the backhoe has arrived with its dump truck, and so construction has begun!!   Well actually, the first step is destruction, and  a little orange tree was the first thing to go, but asphalt, concrete block, sidewalk, and other plants followed shortly afterward.

    For now the destruction is limited to the area where the new extension will be built; the existing library itself will remain intact for several months.  Thus the library is open for business as usual – for your research, meetings, and even for you to watch the work.  Parking may be a little tight, but come on down and see what’s happening!

Now if you happen to see this fellow lurking around the premises, don’t call the police, but instead, go out and say hello to him.  He is Tony Suhrer, our genial and expert contractor.  The sub contractors have been telling me how fortunate we are to have him because he is a “hands-on” guy, so we expect to see a lot of him.