Monday, October 4, 2010

The Backhoe Has Finally Arrived

We always said the beginning of construction of the extension to the Sahyun Library would be marked by the day when we saw the first backhoe out there digging dirt.  Now the backhoe has arrived with its dump truck, and so construction has begun!!   Well actually, the first step is destruction, and  a little orange tree was the first thing to go, but asphalt, concrete block, sidewalk, and other plants followed shortly afterward.

    For now the destruction is limited to the area where the new extension will be built; the existing library itself will remain intact for several months.  Thus the library is open for business as usual – for your research, meetings, and even for you to watch the work.  Parking may be a little tight, but come on down and see what’s happening!

Now if you happen to see this fellow lurking around the premises, don’t call the police, but instead, go out and say hello to him.  He is Tony Suhrer, our genial and expert contractor.  The sub contractors have been telling me how fortunate we are to have him because he is a “hands-on” guy, so we expect to see a lot of him.

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