Thursday, April 19, 2012


Here are a couple pictures to complete the entire blog series.

The library entryway looks inviting  in the evenings, too.

It took an unusually long time for the right partitions to be delivered, but finally they did and Tony was able to install them.

These are the main people responsible for the construction aspects of the new wing to the Sahyun Library (l-r):  Art Sylvester, project manager; Tony Suhrer, contractor;  Cheryl Jensen, landscape architect; Jim Friestad, project co-manager; and Gary Jensen, project architect.

That's All Folks . . . . . .

One of the final tasks in any construction project is to repair the truck damage to streets and parking lots, and that's just what we did to conclude the construction of the new wing of the Sahyun Library and the renovation of its old wing.   

The first task is to dig out roots that have bulged up and broken the old asphalt.

Broken areas and places that always accumulate puddles have to be cut out and patched with new asphalt.

To conform with the provisions of our building permit, we had to create an additional parking slot, and that needed a half a truck load of new asphalt.

All the asphalt patches have to be rolled.

And then a coat of hot tar slurry is applied to the old and patched asphalt.

The entire lot all the way to the street was slurry coated, and the next day the only blemish was some tracks by a wayward raccoon.

Rudy and his helper came the next day to stripe the parking slots.

Rudy's last stripe was in front of the entry gate.  When it dries, we can open the gate and we'll be open for business!