Thursday, December 29, 2011

Look What Santa Brought!

Santa stopped by the Sahyun Library and dropped off some window glass for the old wing and some concrete for the new trash area.  We've been awaiting that glass for a long time.  The trash area is required by the terms of our building permit, and so are some modifications we must make to our parking area to increase the number of available slots.

Tony and Carlos build forms for the pad for the trash bins.

Tony and Carlos erect the gate for the trash area.

Concrete has been poured, the gate is set, now Tony will build a fence around it and it will be ready to go.  We'll put a hedge around part of it to mute the impact of the structure.

Aren't these nice?  They were worth waiting for.  Next step?  Paint the exterior.

These are the new kitchen windows.  We'll clean the tile rather then replace it.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Long Awaited Windows Arrive!

We have been waiting for this day for several months - the window frames for the old wing finally arrived!  Their installation is the key to renewed activity and progress toward completion of the library construction.  Look forward to the painter and the carpet installer to return to action very shortly to complete their work in the old wing.

Here new window frames are being installed in the old wing.

Glass panes will follow shortly.

And on the same day the electricians installed two new lamps in the parking lot.

New Views of New Items

Have you been to the Sahyun Library lately and seen what's been completed?  Besides the stack and computer rooms, some of the other rooms and facilities are now in full use.  Have a look!

The John C. Woodward Reading Room, formerly the Fireplace Room, is a very comfortable space for study and small meetings.  The fireplace is still there.

The office for the library staff is spacious and utile.

The new reception desk is an impressive addition to the Thelma Bowser Entry.

The "book nook" offers new books, research aids, and genealogical trinkets.

And the roses in our new gardening are beginning to bloom.  Come and see!