Monday, February 21, 2011

Returning Where We Left Off . . . . . . .

Lots of progress again at the library last week and today.  The last picture in the previous blog showed red tiles being placed on the roof, but below, the tiling is almost done, and Tyvek, which is a special air barrier paper, was placed on the exterior walls in preparation for the mason to build the concrete block walls next week.  Inside, the electrical work is nearly done so that installation of the heating and air conditioning ducts can be installed in the attic.  AND, not only did we take delivery on the last of the plywood sheets for the bookcases, but also volunteers began the process of building those bookcases by trying out the panel saw.  The cuts were perfect, so bookcase foreman Jim Friestad set up a schedule of work on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday mornings.  Let him know if you'd like to help.

The outer shell has been wrapped in Tyvek air barrier paper, and the roof tiling is almost done.  Windows and doors will arrive soon, masonry begins soon, too.

Heater ducts have been delivered and are being emplaced in the attic.
Upon arrival this morning, we found this truck in our driveway delivering more roofing tiles.
Here Jim Friestad supervises Martin and Fred carrying beautiful 1" thick  plywood for storage in the lath house.

Over at the glass house, here's volunteer Stan Zalatel making the first cut in plywood for the first bookcase.  Come on down and help!  Call Jim to get on his list.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Whole New Roof and Bookcases

Don't look now but the weather forecast for the end of the coming week is for four days of rain, but no problem.  Our roof is coming right along, and the wood for new bookcases has arrived and been placed indoors.  Have a look below!

The job of placing red tiles on the roof begins

This is pretty exacting work.  Rafael is very careful to get that first row just so.

It was really interesting to watch Rafael work.  He has been doing this kind of work for over 20 years.

This fellow puts the wires on each tile.  You can see he is happy in his work.
The rows are straight down the roof, but they are staggered, purposely, along the roof.  The metallic tiles are vents and will be painted the red brown tile color.

Each tile is held in place by a dab of mortar.   A wire, threaded through a hole in the rear of the tile, is tied to the wires you see stretched down the roof.  How do you like the color?

At the same time the roof tiling was happening, a truckload of 62 red oak-veneered, 4'x8' sheets of plywood arrived and needed to be unloaded by John Frische and other Society volunteers.

The panels are stored in the glass house until more Society volunteers can begin to cut and assemble them into bookcases just like those now in the old wing of the Sahyun Library.

The crew of Society volunteers (l-r, Bob McMillin, Fred Shaeffer, Paul Cochet, John DuBois) with foreman Jim Friestad, who unloaded and stored all those plywood sheets.  Now the fun begins with that panel saw between Fred and Paul!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Destruction and Construction

Still lots of progress at the Sahyun Library with construction of the new wing, but also destruction of part of the old wing prior to its renovation.  Our contractor found evidence that the red tile roof on the old wing was at least 30 years old, maybe even 60, and besides some moderate termite damage, it was way out of line with present building codes, so he recommended and we agreed that it ought to be replaced while we're putting the roof on the new wing.   About half of the old tiles can be salvaged and recycled and will be placed on the driveway side of the old wing, as well that part of the roof over the kitchen and computer room.  We learned that all roofing tile is not the same shape and color, but we found a close match.

Here the roofing crew is removing the old tiles from the roof of the old wing of the library.

This is heavy hard work.  Good thing the weather is nice.  The stacked tiles will be recycled onto the driveway side of the old wing.
Meanwhile, the crew is preparing to put new red tiles on the new roof.  They will be fastened to the wires as required by code.  The tiles in this picture are the old, recycled ones and are stacked here temporarily while the old roof is being cleared.

The first load of sheet rock has arrived to drywall the interior!  That work will start in the next few days.

Lastly here's a picture of an alien being that Jim Friestad caught lurking on the premises.  We shall see much more of him once the interior is drywalled.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Busiest Construction Day at the Sahyun Library!

Several members have often asked " Where are all the workmen?"  They see only a couple people now and then, but that all changed today, the First of February.  We had two carpenters and their two helpers, two electricians, six roofers, and four fellows from Service Master cleaning up the attic.  16 people in all.  Quite a show and quite some progress!  

The Service Master crew was very enthusiastic about their task.

They got right to work up in the attic.

And look at some of the trashy stuff they removed!

Meanwhile, the roofers were roofing.  They are putting a layer of red asphalt sheeting on a layer of tar paper and sealing everything with hot, low odor tar.  Red tiles will go on top of all that.

This fellow is cooking up a batch of hot tar where the Cherry of the Rio Grande used to be.

The hot-mopping process seals all the seams and nails, and it ties the tar paper and asphalt sheeting together.

And indoors the electricians are putting in conduit for lights, outlets, and the electrical panel that will back up our computer facilities.

Here's how we look from Montecito Street.
 And here is the latest look from the corner of Montecito and Castillo.  We cannot hide any longer!