Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Destruction and Construction

Still lots of progress at the Sahyun Library with construction of the new wing, but also destruction of part of the old wing prior to its renovation.  Our contractor found evidence that the red tile roof on the old wing was at least 30 years old, maybe even 60, and besides some moderate termite damage, it was way out of line with present building codes, so he recommended and we agreed that it ought to be replaced while we're putting the roof on the new wing.   About half of the old tiles can be salvaged and recycled and will be placed on the driveway side of the old wing, as well that part of the roof over the kitchen and computer room.  We learned that all roofing tile is not the same shape and color, but we found a close match.

Here the roofing crew is removing the old tiles from the roof of the old wing of the library.

This is heavy hard work.  Good thing the weather is nice.  The stacked tiles will be recycled onto the driveway side of the old wing.
Meanwhile, the crew is preparing to put new red tiles on the new roof.  They will be fastened to the wires as required by code.  The tiles in this picture are the old, recycled ones and are stacked here temporarily while the old roof is being cleared.

The first load of sheet rock has arrived to drywall the interior!  That work will start in the next few days.

Lastly here's a picture of an alien being that Jim Friestad caught lurking on the premises.  We shall see much more of him once the interior is drywalled.

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