Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Busiest Construction Day at the Sahyun Library!

Several members have often asked " Where are all the workmen?"  They see only a couple people now and then, but that all changed today, the First of February.  We had two carpenters and their two helpers, two electricians, six roofers, and four fellows from Service Master cleaning up the attic.  16 people in all.  Quite a show and quite some progress!  

The Service Master crew was very enthusiastic about their task.

They got right to work up in the attic.

And look at some of the trashy stuff they removed!

Meanwhile, the roofers were roofing.  They are putting a layer of red asphalt sheeting on a layer of tar paper and sealing everything with hot, low odor tar.  Red tiles will go on top of all that.

This fellow is cooking up a batch of hot tar where the Cherry of the Rio Grande used to be.

The hot-mopping process seals all the seams and nails, and it ties the tar paper and asphalt sheeting together.

And indoors the electricians are putting in conduit for lights, outlets, and the electrical panel that will back up our computer facilities.

Here's how we look from Montecito Street.
 And here is the latest look from the corner of Montecito and Castillo.  We cannot hide any longer!

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  1. Great pictures Art!!!! we will really have a good visual story of the building of the new wing thanks to all your efforts! It is looking so good, I can hardly wait to move in! Kathie M.