Saturday, February 12, 2011

A Whole New Roof and Bookcases

Don't look now but the weather forecast for the end of the coming week is for four days of rain, but no problem.  Our roof is coming right along, and the wood for new bookcases has arrived and been placed indoors.  Have a look below!

The job of placing red tiles on the roof begins

This is pretty exacting work.  Rafael is very careful to get that first row just so.

It was really interesting to watch Rafael work.  He has been doing this kind of work for over 20 years.

This fellow puts the wires on each tile.  You can see he is happy in his work.
The rows are straight down the roof, but they are staggered, purposely, along the roof.  The metallic tiles are vents and will be painted the red brown tile color.

Each tile is held in place by a dab of mortar.   A wire, threaded through a hole in the rear of the tile, is tied to the wires you see stretched down the roof.  How do you like the color?

At the same time the roof tiling was happening, a truckload of 62 red oak-veneered, 4'x8' sheets of plywood arrived and needed to be unloaded by John Frische and other Society volunteers.

The panels are stored in the glass house until more Society volunteers can begin to cut and assemble them into bookcases just like those now in the old wing of the Sahyun Library.

The crew of Society volunteers (l-r, Bob McMillin, Fred Shaeffer, Paul Cochet, John DuBois) with foreman Jim Friestad, who unloaded and stored all those plywood sheets.  Now the fun begins with that panel saw between Fred and Paul!


  1. Boy, those tile roofers are really talented artisans!!! I agree, fun to watch, but I do NOT want to be doing that! And Jim - you have quite the work crew out there! Good job, and thanks to each of you! Kathie M.

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