Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tear Up Old Wing, Build Up Cabinetry

Someone asked me the other day, "Isn't the bathroom still available for use?"  Not according to a picture below.  Some of the other pictures show the demolition now occurring in the old wing.  And while that work is making a mess, the cabinetry work is proceeding in the new wing, and masons are plunking paving stones for a walkway in the garden.  We're beginning to think CARPET soon!

Our youthful mason begins to assemble a pattern of paving stones that will continue into the garden.

It looks pretty rough now, but wait a few days.  It is going to be beautiful.

Louise Matz applies the first of several coats of  Varathane to the top of the refinished map case.

This is the new entryway desk.  Its staining and finishing will start tomorrow.

Jim Friestad inspects construction of the computer counter top before it is stained and finished.

We also took delivery of the new book sales cabinet.  It will receive a red oak stain and several coats of varathane before it is placed in the entryway.

Recognize the old stack room?  Not only has it been stripped of anything and everything ever in it, but the concrete floor is cut to to inlay electrical conduits.

You asked about the bathroom?  Notice also the ancient pipes we uncovered when the floor was cut for new sub-floor plumbing.

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  1. Great pictures!!! So much progress! It all looks amazing!!! Kathie