Monday, June 6, 2011

In Preparation for the MOVE!

          We are very close to moving from the old wing to the new - believe that or not!  Much must happen first, and it is happening.  The painters are almost finished painting the stack, computer, storage, and Fireplace rooms.  The electricians are close to finishing installation of light fixtures in the stack room, AND the bookcase crew has made a test assembly of part of a bookcase!  Enough parts and pieces have been cut, sanded, stained, and varnished to assemble four of the eventual eight book cases, and that assembly will commence THIS WEEK!  When those bookcases are assembled, we can MOVE BOOKS.  
          We are about ready to MOVE the business operations from the old wing into the Fireplace Room temporarily until the librarians' office is completed.  In the meantime, the bookcase crew is finishing the last of the pieces needed for the second four bookcases, exterior work has begun to level the grounds, dig trenches for drains, irrigation lines, and electrical conduits.  
          Yes, a lot is going on just now, and we'll be calling out for help very soon to move furniture, assemble those bookcases, and move books, because until that work is completed, renovation of the old wing cannot commence.  So thanks to lot of volunteers who have already put in over 1200 hours on the bookcases alone, we are just about ready to MOVE into the new wing!!  Come on down and enjoy the fun!!  We can use YOU!! 

A painter stretches to put the finishing touches in the entry way.

John Fritsche and Bob Lynn make some final cuts with the panel saw.

A sanding crew works on the last of the bookcase panels.

The garden has been cleared of weeds and smoothed out to plot the locations of walkways, drain lines, electrical conduits, and irrigation lines.

Each shelf in the old stacks has been numbered for the eventual MOVE to the new stacks.

And here we are - a successful test set-up of three bays of just one of  the new bookcases!

Anyone know this bird that was on Louise Matz' car?


  1. Looks like a juvenile road runner. Where's its tail? "Beep Beep"!!!

  2. Wow!! what a is a juvenile night heron!! must have flown in from the Child's Estate to visit with Louise!!!!! cool bird. Kathie M.