Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Bookcases Are Underway!

Indeed!  We had quite a gang of volunteers at the Sahyun Library today.  It was almost like a party - a work party.  One group sanded another batch of moldings for the edges of bookshelves, three guys installed shelf brackets, two fellows continued fine scale trimming of some of the bookcase panels, and the remainder spent almost the whole day assembling the bookcases themselves.  Pictures speak louder than words.  Behold!

Looks like sanding 90 bookcase moldings is fun!

Jim Friestad is plotting the positions of drill holes in some of the panels that we've spent weeks cutting, sanding, priming, staining, and varnishing.

Steve Martin assembles one of 56 floor boxes that will support two bottom shelves each.
Paul Cochet, Lars Heuchert, and John Fritsche install shelf brackets on a sunny day among the roses.

Lunch pause in the new stack room.

John, Gary (seated), Jim, and John assemble two of the 56 bookcase bays, 16 of which contain a shear panel for stability in the event of earthquake.

And at the end of the day, look what we've built:  6 of the 16 earthquake bays!  The piles of panels give an idea of what is left to do - and then some!!

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