Monday, June 20, 2011

Half of the Bookcases Are Built

Jim Friestad says that Society members have volunteered nearly 1800 hours in the bookcase-building project.  And what an amazing accomplishment to date!  Four bookcases, each 21' long, each with 98 shelves, have been completed, except for their crown moldings.  All of the books from the stacks in the old wing have been removed and placed in those new bookcases.  The old bookcases have been disassembled and reassembled in the new wing.  The new storeroom and server room floors have been tiled.  Furthermore, everything has been removed from the old computer room, except the telephone, and stored temporarily in the new storeroom, and the business office and meeting room have been relocated temporarily in the Fireplace Room.  Lastly, the exterior infrastructure (drain lines, electrical conduits, and irrigation lines) are being installed in the former rose garden.
Jim and Marj Friestad celebrate their 55th wedding anniversary in the library (where else?) with Kathie, Laila, Gary, John, and Louise in front of the new bookcases already loaded with books from the old stack room.

Adrian lays tile in the new storeroom.

Gary Matz disassembles the last of the bookcases in the old wing.  The bookcase beneath the windows will also be moved to the new wing as soon as more new bookcases have been built there to accept their books.

Installation of drain lines in the garden.

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