Monday, June 13, 2011

Bookcases Take Shape and Book Moving Has Started

Two major pieces of news this week:  On Monday, the electricians turned on the lights in the new wing, and the assembly of bookcases is sufficiently far along that books were transferred from the old wing to the new bookcases on Tuesday.  Here are some pictures of that move and progress.

Louise Matz and Jan Cloud take advantage of the new lights to sort books in the new wing until construction noise drove them back to the quieter old wing.

The numbers on the new shelves correspond to identical numbers on the old shelves, so that the books are kept in order when moved.

And here is our Librarian Kathy Morgan filling the new shelves with old books.
Marj Friestad was part of the crew to shelve books, too.

Emily Aasted and Marjorie Wilser review their plans for the move.
Adrian adds red tile window sills to give the windows a classy look.

The landscapers are digging ditches for drains, electrical conduits, and irrigation lines.
This project sure generates a lot of trash!

Meanwhile Betsee Talavera and John Fritsche install bookshelf supports on panels that will go into the last four bookcases.

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