Friday, March 4, 2011

And the Work Goes On

Now at the end of the first week of March, we have windows although lacking glass panes, we have a red tile roof, although needing some work around the chimney, we have electrical and data cables, although lacking final hookups, we have air conditioning ducts, although only about half completed, we have fire suppression pipe delivered but yet to be installed, we have a good start on the exterior brick walls, and we have the beginnings of bookcases a' building by Jim Friestad and his crew of volunteers.  A lot going on all at once!  Have a look below.

These window frames for the librarians' office are the same throughout the new wing.  Do you like the color?
Here is one of the reasons we cannot store books or have parties in the attic.  Librarians and patrons should have little reason to complain about how cold it is in the library, and the books should be very happy in a climate controlled environment.
The Jensens are measuring and marking the exact positions for the bookcases in the new wing.
Our intrepid mason Willi, who, with two helpers, is building a new type of concrete block facing for the building.  The blocks are tied to the vertical metal strips, and a space is left between the blocks and the wall to allow air circulation and an insulating effect.  A special netting goes in that space to prohibit entry of spiders and critters.
The brickwork is nearing completion in the entryway area.

The masonry is really interesting to watch in this video.  It's all in the wrist.

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