Monday, March 21, 2011

By the Numbers . . . . . . .

We've just gone through the rainiest day on record, or so Edhat reported and referred to 2003.  Edhat wasn't here in 1969 when we had 6" the first day and 3" the next.  Now that was rain!
But this weekend's rain didn't slow the bookcase-making efforts - the work merely moved into the new wing to stain and varnish nine plywood panels.  The the sun peeked through on this morning so that a large bunch of volunteers showed to up rout the edges of other panels and to sand them prior to staining and varnishing.  That activity is pictured below.
Consider this, however, dear readers: we are building almost 1/4 mile of shelf space in this first phase; we've made 143 cuts of plywood panels, we dadoed 0.4 miles of slots, and we'll put nearly 0.3 mile of molding on the edges of 580 bookshelves.  That is a lot of wood, glue, and work!  Volunteers have already put in several hundred hours of work sawing, sanding, staining, varnishing, routing, dadoing, and just toting pieces back and forth, sometimes several times a day, between saw and the storage sheds. We're making good use of borrowed sawhorses, tools, and talent.  Thanks to all you volunteers!

Ron Torp nails molding to the edge of a panel that will become the end of one of the bookcases, while Bob Lynn and John DuBois hang on.
Martin Petersen routs the edge of the molding to give it a curved edge, while Gary Matz and Paul Cochet hang on. 
Routing is slow work, so another crew helps in the background.
A belt sander makes the work go a lot faster.

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