Monday, March 14, 2011

Bookcase Activity Heats Up with the Arrival of Spring

Most of the construction activity has been taking place up in the attic - the installation of the heating/air condition, electrical, and the fire suppression system.  But at the same time, Jim Friestad and his crew have been making a lot of headway preparing the wood panels for the bookcases.  Do you realize we're making 1/2 mile of bookshelves?  We have been sawing plywood for a couple weeks, dadoed 0.4 miles a couple Saturdays ago, and are now sanding and staining the panels.  Have a look below!

Here are some of the things you would see coming down from the attic right now:  on the left, the heating duct, and on the right is one of the several fire sprinklers.
Bob Lynn and Fred Shaeffer fasten clamps to glue two plywood sheets together that will become one of the two end pieces of a bookcase.  They will let the glue dry for at least two days before removing the clamps.
I'd give a nickel for every square foot John Fristche sanded this morning!
Kathie and Cari probably sanded just as much as John.
And here's foreman Jim with the first of the stained panels.

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