Monday, March 28, 2011

Continued Push to Make Bookcases

Rain interfered this past week with some of the construction activities, as did the Fire Department's requirement that we have our fire suppression system tied into a fire alarm.  This requirement caused us to contact ADT to get to the library and install an alarm and security system ASAP, but as of this writing, ADT has not put in an appearance, thereby holding up insulation, completion of the ceiling, dry-walling, and painting.  The lintels arrived, however, and were installed the next day.  Brick-laying resumed and should be completed this week.  Then the concrete has to cure before the walls can be painted.

In the meantime, Jim Friestad's bookcase crew has been working apace.  Most of the saw cutting is done, and with good weather, activity moved outdoors.  Lots of sanding, staining, and finishing coats of varathane.  Next time you see Jim, ask him how many hours have been put into this activity so far.  Better yet, come down and enjoy the fun!

Lastly, the plumber has begun to lurk around the new and old sections, and has determined that to cap off various pipes still remaining in the new wing, he has to begin preliminary work in the old wing.  His first step is to shut off the water in the kitchen, and that condition will remain until the entire construction project is completed in August.  We shall see more and more intrusion in the old wing until we have to give it up completely to commence its renovation early next month.

Emily and others are able to work indoors on the weekends.  Good thing when it's raining!

Karen Harris and Steve Martin intently sand a glass smooth finish on the bookcase panels.

Here's the gang using the wide open space afforded by the rose garden to sand and stain the panels.

Nice weather also allows Ron Torp to use his chop saw outdoors to cut 580 molding strips and, with John Fritsche's help, to apply one strip the edge of each of 130 bottom shelves.  The other molding strips will be glued to about 450 metal shelves when they arrive next month.  Everything must be sanded, stained, and finished before the bookcases can be assembled.

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