Friday, March 2, 2012

Time for Rain Gutters and a Fence to Keep it All Together

With the completion of the hookup of the fire suppression system to the City water main, we were able to hook up the rainwater drainage to the pipe that were laid beneath the new concrete sidewalk, install rain gutters and downspouts, and replace the chain link fence across the front of the property where the driveway used to be. 

Each rain gutter is one piece, no seams, extruded by the green machine in the back of the truck from a sheet of aluminum.

That is one long, single piece of aluminum sheeting, extruded into the shape of the gutter.  Here two men are putting it up, but only one man was able to put most of the others.

And here is the result.  Now let it rain!

With everything inside the fence almost completely completed, it is time to fence.


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  2. One piece rain gutters are ideal since there are no seams that the water might seep into. And isn't it a nice feeling that you can brave the coming storm and just shout, 'Let it rain!' Good job! Ashlee Starns

  3. I agree with Ashlee. One piece long gutters are your best choice of gutters, indeed. With that, you can rest assured that leaks aren't going to be your problem. Just clean it regularly and keep your house safe from water damage.
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