Monday, January 9, 2012

We Are Still Constructing!

Now that the windows have been installed in the old wing, our contractor is able to focus his attention on several items that he deems necessary and desirable or are required as a provision of our building permit.  These details include a trash enclosure, an awing over the old entry way, and an awning ("eyebrow") over the rear window and door of the old wing.  Expect that the construction will be completed this week, at the rate Bruce and Carlos are going, and that the roofer can come soon afterward, followed then by the painter.

Some library librarians, users, and visitors may have seen this workshop out in the parking lot and wondered what's up.  See below.

The gate and sides have been added to the posts and gate frames.  Just need to paint it now.

This heavy construction required for the awning over the turquoise door and window at the rear of the Community Room.

In contrast to the new wing, the bricks in the old wing are hollow and too weak for us to attach the awning solely to the wall, so the heavy 6"x6" posts are necessary to support it.  After Carlos finishes the wood work, we'll put a red tile roof on it to match the rest of the roofing.

This awning will cover the entry to the old wing.  When it and the other awning are completed, we'll have four such awnings over each of the entrances to the library.

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