Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Two More Little Hurdles Overcome This Week

Today, the roofers finished tiling the awnings over the old doors in the old wing, thus completing that part of the construction.  The awnings, or "eyebrows" as they may be called, add a touch of class to the old wing and bring it into conformity with the new wing.
Jim Friestad, Martin Peterson, Stan Zalatel, Mac McMillin, and Art Sylvester added more volunteer hours to bookcase construction this week with the manufacturing and emplacement of seismic bracing in the new stack room.
And finally this week, new light fixtures were installed in the Ladies' bathroom.  Partitions won't be far behind we hope.

Finishing touches are added to the new "eyebrow" (awning) over the old door and new window at the north end of the old wing.   It sure dresses up the main entrance to the Sahyun Library.

The roofers also dress up the old entrance.    

Mac and Jim drill holes for bolts to link sections of box beams to make seismic braces in the stacks.

Martin and Art link up more sections for the braces.

The white bar between the two bookcases and below the light is one of four seismic braces designed to keep the bookcases from toppling in the event of an earthquake.

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