Monday, November 7, 2011

Now we're in November . . . . . .

Some electrical work, some gopher extermination, and the last of the HVAC work was done last week, including installation of these two HVAC condensers that were missing in the previous blog.

At the beginning of this week, work was started in the parking lot to install some street lamps.  Pictures of those lights will be forthcoming, but for now, see the the men cutting the asphalt before a trencher digs a trench for the electrical conduits.

The asphalt is thin and old, so it cuts easily.

This fellow is tearing up the asphalt between the cuts. 

 Ever wonder what a nice trench looks like?  Here is the one across our parking lot that will carry electrical conduit for a street lamp at the end of the trench.

Here's Carlos with a pneumatic tamper compacting the dirt in the trench after the conduits have been emplaced.

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