Sunday, October 30, 2011

What's yet to be done?

Now that we've had a Grand Opening, now that we've completed Family History Month, and now that the library is open for research, what has to be done next?  Lots of little things and several big things as are illustrated in the images below.

This is one of the condensers for the air conditioning system, but notice that there is place for another one.  Yes, we're awaiting delivery of the second one and have been for a couple weeks.

And here is place for another even bigger condenser, and we've been awaiting just as long for its delivery.  Once these units are in place, then we'll have heating and air conditioning throughout the library.

New windows for the old wing have been on order for two months.  Maybe we get them in mid November.  Then we can paint the exterior and renovate the old periodical room with new carpet and paint.

And what do you think this pipe is?  We have several of them around the building.  

They are for the downspouts that will be installed when we install new rain gutters.

But we cannot hook up the rain gutters and down spouts until we've hooked up the fire suppression valve to the City water main in the middle of Castillo Street.

We are at the mercy of a permit from Caltrans for that work, and there's no telling when it will be in our hands.

This space alongside the garage will be enclosed and paved as a trash enclosure.  Right now, however, it is a good parking space.  In addition we will emplace a nice lamp post for evening illumination.

Lastly, the brick circle around the orange tree in the patio needs to be completed.  

"Buy a Brick!"

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