Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's a Busy Week at the Sahyun Library

This is an exceptionally busy week at the Sahyun, and it is not over yet.  The biggest event was the carpet laying in the new wing, and what a difference the new carpet makes on the entire outlook and feel of the library!  The plumbers, electricians, sidewalk pavers, and HVAC workers were also hard at work renovating the old wing.  Here is a small sample of all those activities.

Chooey, a master carpeteer, puts down the carpet square by square - and quickly!

The research area of the new wing is almost covered after 3 hours of concentrated effort.   

Chooey and Jose discuss how they will finish the corner where the map case will be.

At the end of two days, carpet has been lain through the new addition.

Stan Zalatel nails kick plates to the bottom of each book case bay.  Note the accumulated dust on the bottom shelf.  The entire library will have to be dusted before we can think of using it.

Lest you ever wondered how we would fill one-half mile of book shelves, wonder no more!  These boxes are just half of the periodicals yet to be shelved.  Care to help?  Contact Society Librarian Kathie Morgan.

Also this week, Mark emplaced sewer pipe vents in the womens' bathroom.               

And the electricians are close to finishing their work in the old wing.

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