Monday, August 1, 2011

Golden Spike

Today, Jim Friestad drove the final nail, dubbed "The Golden Spike", into the crown molding on a book case to signify the completion of the book case project!  Jim gave all the honor to his 38 volunteers who put in some 2600 total hours on the project.  What an accomplishment!  Congratulations to Jim and all the volunteers!

Construction progress was largely underground, where sewer and drain pipes were emplaced, inspected, and are now covered by concrete.    The pavers finally arrived last week so that walkway masonry could resume in the garden.  Lastly, tree trimmers thinned out the big pine trees so that they wouldn't fall into the parking lot.

Jim was justifiably pleased and proud  to pound in the last nail.

But Jim didn't drive it all the way.  He left a little for Bob Lynn  to tap the rest of the way.

The walkway is coming along nicely.

Now we can see the mountains.

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  1. What an accomplishment!!! The pictures you are taking are really really great!!! I should get copies of them all and put them in a book to mark this exciting journey the Society has been on! Can hardly wait to get down there to the Library!! Kathie