Monday, April 25, 2011

What a Difference a Week Makes!

Just in this past week, great progress has been made on the interior of the new wing, but not all of it is readily apparent.  For example, the entry way floor has been prepared for tiling and carpeting, but if you had not seen the rugged bumps in the concrete and the beat up linoleum, you wouldn't appreciate the beautiful, smooth concrete floor - and you won't see it after the tile and carpet are lain.
But the sheet rock has been applied to the ceiling and walls in the stack room, and the wooden ceiling has been emplaced over the research table area and map cove.  
Not the least, the bookcase building project continues, and the first phase is close to completion.  The second phase - building just as many cases as we've already built -  must commence soon.  Jim Friestad will be pleased to have your help!

Ceiling work is going well now that the insulation is in.
The sheet rock gives a feeling of size of the stack room.  Those beams in the corner will be emplaced on the wooden ceiling above the research tables.

Look what is stored in the Fireplace Room:  The light fixtures!  Boxes of them!

The bookcase project has boiled over to a tent outdoors, but what you see is just about all we have to stain and varnish before assembly.

Karen Harris and Dave Pettitt are volunteer stainers extraordinaire!

And the roses are in bloom!!

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