Wednesday, February 1, 2012

We're Almost Done, Except for . . . . . . .

Yes, the extension to, and the renovation of, the Sahyun Library is almost completed - except for connection of our fire suppression system to the City's water main.  We have no idea when that will happen.  Oh yes, we have ordered new partitions of the correct color for the Women's Room and are hopeful they will be delivered "soon."  
In the meantime, the interior and exterior of the old wing have been painted, and everything looks quite beautiful.  Do stop by the library to have a look, and keep your fingers crossed that all else will happen "soon."

The painters had to touch up shrinkage cracks that opened up between the tongue and groove of the ceiling planks.  They and our contractor avered that they had never seen the like with wood that was supposedly kiln dried.
Here is the old wing with its "eyebrows" and new coat of paint.
The entry patio really looks good with the new paint job, the new eyebrow, and the new bricks around the orange tree.

The old wing simply sparkles now with its new roof, new windows, new awning, and new paint job.


  1. The library looks better now! I believe that it’s gonna be enticing for users to visit it more often. Look at how the roof has complemented the new coat of paint! It is really amazing! Congrats on the successful renovation. :)

    Lue Madson

  2. This was posted a year ago. Do you have any updates regarding the status of the library now? I mean, what’s next after the renovation? :) I hope more people have started using the library now that it’s got an improved look. And I hope that they still spend time for books, rather than simply browsing the Internet. :)

    -- Minta Gatlin