Saturday, January 8, 2011

Recent Rains Don't Slow Addition Library Construction

In spite of the recent inclement weather, one of the rainiest Decembers in Santa Barbara history, few days were lost in construction of the addition to the Sahyun Library.  Tony, Bruce, and Carlos focused on tying the roof trusses together and to the wall framing, and they placed rafters across the front of the building.  All this work gives the structure a more closed in feeling and continues on schedule to completion.

View from the street down the length of the new addition.  This area will contain the stacks.

View from the north corner of the addition toward the front and the old wing where the new entrance will be.

View of the street end of the addition toward the new librarian's room and the old wing.  All those rafters were added between Christmas and New Years in spite of the rain.

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  1. This is pretty amazing!!! It looks so huge! Kudos to Tony and his crew - they are doing fantastic work!!! And kudos to the photographer!! great pictures. Kathie M.